After all, prom night only comes around once, so why not make it extra special by coming in style with our Prom Party Bus Rental services? At 202 party bus, we know this event is importance and have a fleet of stylish and luxury party buses to make your prom more fun. We offer transportation for prom in reasonable bundles. We will go with you from the pickup point to the last prom event for your help. That is the reason we are the best helping transportation. Additionally, we comprehend that prom can be costly, which is why we offer reasonable prom limo bundles. We also provide city-to-city moves, airport transfers, or significant distance Prom Party buses. Furthermore, our prom party bus gives you the solace and adaptability to meet your objective requirements in security and style.

Prom Party Buses

Commonly a gathering needs to go to the prom together. We have different party buses that can hold many individuals like our Hummer limos. Yet, we make them astonish party transports for a more significant gathering. So the total expense will be reasonable.

Standard party bus

There is plenty of room for you and your friends to enjoy the ride together on our standard party buses, which are big and comfy. Our buses are grand for people who want an essential but exciting experience because they have all the latest features.

Luxury party buses

We have the best luxury party buses for people who want to add a bit of class to their prom night. Our buses have high-end features, plush cabins, and a generally luxurious feel, so your arrival will be nothing less than grand.

Adjustable Parameters and Settings

Please choose from our many customizable alternatives to give your prom night an atmosphere that is truly one of a kind. Let us turn the party bus into a personalized environment that captures the ambience of the evening once you have selected a concept that is in keeping with the aesthetic of your group and the occasion.

Sprinter Party Bus

Sprinter limo is best for 10 to 14 passengers solace! In Sprinter, you will have almost double the ability to welcome more companions along for your prom party.

20 Passenger Party Bus

Assuming your gathering is loaded with dynamic, fun individuals, you want to hire a party transport today. Hiring our 20 passengers party bus is best.

25 Passenger Party Bus

Get a portion of your associates together to combine, or this is a unique transport rental for your prom party. Moreover, party transport limos are great for youngsters to get together and arrange an unexpected commemoration party for their folks.

30 Passenger Party Bus

Our 30 Passenger Epic Party Bus offers protected and reliable transportation to any occasion in the USA. In addition, we provide a luxurious ride with many conveniences to oblige up to 30 travelers.

Features Our Prom Party Bus Rental

Comfortable Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangements inside our buses are roomy and luxurious, allowing passengers to kick back, relax, and take in the sights and sounds of the journey.

Entertainment Methods and Devices

Utilizing the most cutting-edge audio and video technology, you will be able to have the most unforgettable prom experience possible. While on the road, enjoy some of your favourite songs and listen to high-quality audio.

Lighting Effects

Make the atmosphere just right with lighting effects that can be adjusted to suit your needs and get everyone in the party spirit for an evening of revelry and good times.

Refreshment Options

Please utilize our other options to refresh yourself throughout the journey to keep yourself feeling good. To keep the party going, we are providing a variety of beverages for you to choose from.

Facilities for Using the Restroom

Certain party buses have installed lavatory facilities, ensuring you and your friends have the utmost convenience throughout the evening.

The Process of Making Reservations

Information Regarding Availability and Reservations

Check to see if our prom party buses are available for the day you want, and if they are, make a reservation to ensure you get a seat.

The Specifics of the Pricing Structure

The straightforward nature of our price structure, which does not include any sneaky extra charges, guarantees that you will know everything involved. We strive to offer reasonable prices adaptable to customers’ needs with varying budgets.

Information Concerning Deposits and Payments

You may lock in your reservation with a small deposit, and we’ll give you various payment choices so you can pay however it’s most convenient.

Options for Customization

The Choice of the Theme

Choose a motif for the party bus to add a touch of individuality to your prom night. We can bring your vision to life, no matter how luxurious or wacky.

Varieties of Decorations Available

Enhance the ambience by using ornamental elements that go with the concept you’ve decided to go with. We can make the atmosphere of your prom night breathtaking if you let us.

 Requests for Something Special

Do you have any particular musical tastes or ambience requirements? If you let us know, we will modify the experience so that it caters to the specific preferences of your group.

Safety Measures

Drivers who are both Qualified and Experienced

Your well-being and protection are our number one concern. The trip to and from the location of your prom will be hassle-free and worry-free, thanks to our trained and knowledgeable chauffeurs.

The Scope of Your Coverage

You and your group will be afforded an additional layer of safety because our party buses are entirely covered by insurance.

Necessary Obligations Regarding Regulations and Standards

Everyone on board will have a safe and delightful experience thanks to our strict adherence to the industry’s safety norms and standards.

Discounts and other forms of promotional materials

Deals that change with the Seasons

You can reduce the cost of your prom night by taking advantage of our seasonal deals, which are now being offered.

Group Rates

Get a group together and take advantage of the discounted rates offered to groups for an enjoyable and cost-effective outing.

Referral Programs

When you refer a friend to us for our prom party bus rental services, you and your buddy will be eligible for exceptional savings.

Elevate Your Prom Night with the 202 party bus, Where Luxury Meets Celebration!

Make your prom night unforgettable with our bus rental services. From luxurious rides to personalized themes, we’re dedicated to creating an experience that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to book your prom party bus and embark on a night of celebration, style, and lasting memories.

Why Choose our Transportation?

On-time: Being dependable for a prom limo administration is fundamental. So we are always on time at your gate.

Reasonable: Parents can be on a strict financial plan now and again; that is why we attempt our hardest to offer cheap fares for prom.

Safety: Getting to prom in safe transportation is significant of the time. Our drivers are profoundly prepared to adjust to any driving circumstance.

First-Class Customer Service: We assist our clients in any solicitations they have in a short time.


How can I determine whether the party buses I want to take my prom date on are available?

Contact us using the information provided on our contact page to quickly determine whether or not our party buses are available for your event. Please get in touch with us by either giving us a call at 1-202-993-7504 or writing to us at

For the prom night, do you have a variety of party buses available to rent?

We have a variety of party buses available to choose from, including both standard and deluxe models. Every bus has been built to provide passengers with both comfort and elegance. For further information, could you take a look at our fleet area?

Can I personalize the party bus with a particular motif?

Without a doubt! We are always excited to put our unique spin on your prom experience. During the booking process, feel free to share any ideas you have for themes with us, and we will do everything in our power to personalize the party bus by those themes.

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We anticipate working with you on ensuring that your prom night transportation goes without a hitch. With regards to reasonable prom party buses and limos, we are fantastic. We make it simple to hire a prom party bus or limousine essentially as a result of our reasonable costs. So call us today.

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