Homecoming Party Bus Rental

We offer different homecoming party transport models in the USA. Our organization works in various party transports and limos also. Assuming you are visiting the area for an extraordinary event like a homecoming occasion, why not glance at our modest party transport rentals? These are the best options for party gatherings. Our party buses are best for fun and reasonable. So you and your companions can appreciate unique amenities on board as you travel in and out of town.

Here at 202 party bus, we know how vital homecoming celebrations are and how hard you’ve worked to make this night one to remember. Because of this, we provide various high-quality options for renting a party bus for your homecoming that will ensure an unforgettable event for you and your guests. Homecoming celebrations are a staple at many educational institutions, as they honor the return of former students. There is a lot of fun, reuniting with old friends and making new ones at these gatherings. Having reliable means of transport is essential to making the most of your time at home.

What We Provides

Impending Happiness

Our party buses are covered by insurance and stocked with water and soda. Complete with a television, stereo, and other amenities. So, now! We recommend that you take advantage of our VIP party buses. A flat-screen television, a dance floor, laser or LED lighting, and a music system are all available. If you rent a party bus, you won’t have to worry about getting from one celebration to another. Is a city walk something you’re interested in doing? And hang out with your pals until late at a homecoming celebration, snapping photos and eating pizza. Do not fret. You’ll have a great time with us.

Professional Staff

We work hard to give the best service and have the best workers. Our services are happy to help you find your return event. The office staff and drivers will take care of everything overnight. They are all skilled and experienced. Before and after every trip, our party cars are always cleaned and sanitized very well. A licensed professional driver also drives it to ensure you get to and from your place safely.

Affordable Rates

Hire a party bus by the hour. There is no need for concern regarding its prices. The price of our party bus is affordable. Everyone had a good time and got a financial break. We place a premium on doing the right thing. We give the party buses a thorough cleaning so that everyone can enjoy the event comfortably. Regardless of the party bus you rent, or how much you pay, we guarantee the highest quality of service.

These Are Our Services:

Luxurious Transportation:

A Fleet of Party Buses painstakingly maintained to offer the greatest in comfort and style. Our fleet of party buses is painstakingly maintained to offer you the most incredible comfort and style. As you begin the journey back home, you will find that you have entered a world where elegance and extravagance coexist.


First and foremost, your safety is our number one concern. You and your companions will enjoy a risk-free and worry-free ride thanks to our drivers’ extensive education and expertise. You are free to enjoy your celebration without being concerned about your transportation safety.

Large Rooms: 

We have party buses of different sizes to fit your needs, whether you’re travelling with a small group of friends or a big group. When you use our services, no one is left behind.

Many fun things to do:

Our party buses have high-tech entertainment systems like premium sound systems, LED lights, and flat-screen TVs. The party starts as soon as you get on board, setting the tone for a night you’ll never forget.

Customized deals:

We offer flexible discounts that can be changed to fit your needs. Pick out the features that go with the theme of your party, like a bar area, a dance floor or unique decorations.

We Offer Different Homecoming Party Buses

Homecoming evenings are dependably an exciting event that you will recall for quite a while; that is why we provide you with the best party transport limo administration in the USA. In addition, we host conveyed protected and reliable homecoming gathering transport and limo rentals for a long time. Assuming you are hoping to encounter a homecoming party in your city, hire our different limo and party buses transport! We offer various sizes of Limo and Party Buses all over the USA.


It is ideal for larger groups, such as bachelor, bachelorette, or birthday parties. It is guaranteed to entertain while offering the ideal transportation for whatever the event. With an online booking experience that helps you every step of the way, we give you the ultimate vehicle experience. We offer affordable rental rates and outstanding service for any event or special occasion. Whether you are looking for homecoming or a prom event, we can assist you in finding the perfect vehicle to ensure you have a successful event. We make it easy to select and hire the perfect vehicle for your next occasion.


Few luxury vehicles can match the high reputation of a sprinter. It is ideal for special occasions when you need to accommodate more than fourteen guests. Moreover, It can seat up to fourteen people, making it the ideal luxury vehicle for bachelor/bachelorette parties, weddings, and fun group events like wine tours.

It has all of the amenities you’d expect from a limo service. You can store your favorite beverages in the nicely lit bar. Every visitor has their privacy protected by tinted windows. Moreover, we offer a lovely collection of party buses, including the Sprinter. So, our knowledgeable, professional drivers are experts at navigating the streets of the United States. Make a call right now and get a free quote.

15 Passengers Party Bus

These luxurious 15 passenger party bus are ideal for any small to medium-sized groups. Amazingly, It includes plush leather seating, Bluetooth technology, privacy blinds, a large screen TV, nightclub party lights, quality stereo, two wet bars, premium glassware, Etc. In conclusion, a luxurious vehicle will improve the attitude and mindset of the evening. We will offer you the services you deserve.

30 Passengers Party Bus

Do you need a 30 passenger party bus? We provide the nicest and most luxurious vehicles for your next special event or occasion! It has a gorgeous design and a big interior filled with cutting-edge sound and entertainment. Besides that, it also includes premium features like Leather Seats, Fiber Optics Lighting, Black interior/exterior hues, Privacy partitions, Premier Stereo and CD player, Etc.

Moreover, it is also used for corporate and special events such as wine tours, city tours, casinos, sporting events, and concerts, to name a few. It’s an excellent vehicle for group travel. 202 party buses are among the most recent and dependable in the United States. Our packages all include a friendly driver. For more information about our packages, please get in touch with us immediately.

40 Passengers Party Bus

When looking for that luxurious and private experience of vehicles, you should have high expectations, to begin with. You’re looking for an exquisite ride to enjoy with your guests for a birthday or bachelorette parties. Perhaps you want a calm, chauffeured trip to dinner and back on your anniversary. Whatever the cause, you deserve an economical and dependable transportation service that will leave you with lasting memories.

We are the greatest rental services and would be an excellent choice to meet your demands. In addition, some of its luxurious features are as follows: Leather Seating, Plush Carpeting, Privacy Divider, Bluetooth Technology, CD/DVD Player, Wet Bar Area, Etc.

Why Rent a Homecoming Party Bus?

With a Party Bus, you can have your dearest companions or the entire class participate. We host a wide choice of Get-together Buses to look over, and every one of them is open, agreeable, and lavish. Furthermore, riding a Party Bus implies no requirement for dodging in or sliding over to sit down. There’s space for everybody to ride in style!

Fun on wheels

Party transports filled with the conveniences of a club. There’s a sound framework, laser or drove lights, a space to move, and surprisingly level screen TVs.

Paint the town

Hiring a party transport implies you can go starting with one party and then onto the next without agonizing over transportation. Need to ride in and out of town to take pictures or host a late-night pizza get-together with your companions? No concerns, we got you covered.

Safe travel

Your wellbeing is our need. Our party transports are cleaned and disinfected 100% of each outing. Authorized, proficient drivers likewise move you to get you to and from your objections securely.

The Value of Experience

 We’ve been renting party buses for homecomings for years, so we’ve got it down to a science. You can rely on us to provide a pleasant and trouble-free time.

Simple Reservations

Making a reservation with us is quick and straightforward. Tell us what you require, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll help you reserve the best party bus for your special occasion.

Affordable Rates

We can work with your budget by providing affordable rates without sacrificing quality. You may confidently organize your party because all costs will be paid in advance.

Professional Service

Our devoted team is committed to providing excellent service from the moment you make initial contact with us until the conclusion of your trip. Our professional service begins when you make initial contact. We are here to make the celebration of your return something very remarkable.

Arrivals on Time

Punctuality is vital, especially at homecoming events, so please try your best to keep to it. You can count on us to show up on time and ensure that your party begins and concludes as planned.

Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of our consumers is a point of great pride for us, and we work hard to exceed their expectations. Your contentment is the yardstick by which we judge our accomplishments, and our priority is to ensure that your homecoming celebration is an event to remember.

Get in touch with us!

Transportation with us is capable and trustworthy. Additionally, we have experienced chauffeurs. You go to homecoming once, maybe two times if your lucky, so make it a night you will review always and forever. So call us and hire a party bus or limo to homecoming.

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